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We offers professional software development, systems integration and managed services. The areas on which we have extensive experience and knowledge are the financial industry, the automotive industry, e-commerce, healthcare and the hospitality industry, varying from 3 years to 8 years. However we worked also on other areas as the people we have are very versatile and eager to learn and adapt to new domains.

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  • Who we are.

    We began working together in 2001, and during these years we never stopped thinking bigger. Under the name Programming Pool Romania, we’ve specialized and created web-based applications for various service industries, and we’ve had the opportunity of working with clients from all over the world.

We stay connected through our shared mission and values

Our values describe, at the most profound level, what we represent. They shape our culture, influence who we are, what we do, and even who we hire. We aim to be better people, better professionals, a better version of ourselves.

These are the values that guide our business, products development and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these values remain constant.

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We respect each other, recognize our ability, value and the fact that we can influence things for the better. We treat others as we want others to treat us. We accept those who are different from us but have a good character (high morality, integrity, etc.). We do not say about our colleagues things that we would not say and face with them. We appreciate the diversity of ideas, opinions and experiences.


We like what we do and we are eager to help our clients succeed. We are a source of inspiration for others. We exceed our limits. We are proud to work at our company, surrounded by colleagues who have shared aspirations with us, and inspire them around the feeling of passion and engagement. We believe that each of us is the sum of the values of others.


We are eager to learn new things and learn quickly. We recognize our mistakes and learn from our experiences. We share knowledge, good practice, innovation. We remain open to change and adopt it in a way that encourages collaboration and adaptability.


If you do a very good and honest thing, then you will surely discover something that belongs to you, because we are unique and each company through its people is different from the others. If your values honestly reflect what you are and what you want to do then it will remain in time relevant to people, so you can change many, such as product, communication with each consumer segment – but the essence of the brand your position and positioning will remain the same.


In customer relationship, we consider simplicity and ergonomics. We are very careful about the way we perform our tasks. We are constantly trying to reduce complexity and simplify things. We work efficiently and do not waste resources.

Past, present & future

We don’t just create custom software, we build solutions to our clients’business problems. We’ve got a decade-long success record and the trust of the world’s biggest brands. Our products aim to be to the point, flexible, tested and sustainable, and we provide first-hand support for them.