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What we learned from the hackathon

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First of all I want to thank everyone that participated to the hackathon for their patience, passion and determination. I am glad that everyone had fun building the ideas they are passionate about. In the end, it comes to the lessons you learn participating to this kind of event, which is why we consider everyone a winner.
Here is what I learned from this unique experience:

  • Planning is crucial (start with planning and set deadlines);
  • Having your development environment ready before the event is important;
  • Choose the technology (framework) that you know best;
  • Picking a minimal set of features is essential;
  • Organizing short, 5 minutes sessions in order to analize the initial plan is crucial.
  • If you don’t have at least one feature ready in the first 4 hours, something is wrong.

For me it was an interesting experience, a way of discovering new technologies and working with new people. A chance of breaking away from the daily routine, by having the possibility to choose the type of project I want to develop. A hackathon is a good opportunity to discover new ideas and open new horizons.

Andrei Nagy
Andrei Nagy, Project Manager

I have never imagined that people can build so many things in such a short period of time.The participating teams showed, during the Hackathon, their capacity to create and implement real products by having very limited resources. Congratulations to the organizers!
I’m looking forward to the next edition with great interest!

Vlad Brânzei
Vlad Brânzei, Developper

From my point of view, the hackathon was a real success. I looked at it like a way of socializing and experience exchange. For the next events, before forming the teams, I would suggest adding short introductions about each participant, what technologies he is familiar with, what technologies he is passionate about or not, or just generalities. All in all, it was a good event. Congratulations to the organizers!

Andrei Florian
Andrei Florian, Developer

My opinion about the first hackathon organized by PPR it’s a good one. The organizing of the event was good, the projects were interesting but, if I had to choose between a training day or the hackathon, I would choose the training because the hackathon is very demanding both from a physical point of view and an intelectual point of view.

Vlad Tulba
Vlad Tulba, Developer
  Events, Team
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