Walking Month 2017

Walking Month 2017
We all know that exercising or walking can do no harm! And we know that volunteering makes us feel useful and very good about ourselves! Willing to combine the two things together, at Programming Pool, a team of 4 people was formed and, without second thoughts, our colleagues enroled for Walking Month.

Walking Month is a competition organized at Cluj by Betfair Romania Development and it is at it’s third edition this year. It supports the activity of Beard Mobile, the first free community of taxi service in Cluj-Napoca, which gives access to free transport to those in need, offering them a way to take that important trip to the hospital or to school.

The organizing company supports the costs of the program entirely, therefore 100% of the funds  raised through registration will be donated to the non-profit association, Beard Mobile. Through Walking Month, a team of 4 of our colleagues will try to walk as much as they can for those who can’t walk on their own. The aim is that, together as a team, to take as many steps as possible in one month’s time (11September – 10 October).

As well as the benefits of those enrolled in the competition we can say that they are immeasurable. Not only they improve their physical condition, regain  their energy, vitality, appetite for life, but they follow the motto : “Helping yourself you are helping others!”

In order to maintain all the volunteers involved throughout the competition there are a number of set prizes waiting for those with the biggest number of steps at the finishing line. We congratulate our colleagues for taking the initiative into this action and volunteering and, wish them the best of luck during the competition! Here’s to many happy steps! Stay close for more updates on this adventure!

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