Today is about Raluca

Today is about Raluca

Tell us a few things about yourself. What would we most likely find you doing at the weekend?

I would say about myself that I am a positive person, always open to new challenges, and I want to be the best version of myself every day. Weekends are reserved for my family, I spend time with my son, playing, cooking, laughing, and having fun.


Give us a brief overview of your job role and some of your responsibilities.

My job is about people. As an HR Specialist I keep in touch with every member of the company, I deal with the recruiting process, the integration process of new colleagues , preparation and administration of personnel files, internal communication , employee retention and evaluation.


What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I feel accomplished every time someone joins our team and feels that it was the best choice he or she made.


What/who inspires you?

There are people that inspire me every day by being positive and happy. I’m also inspired by people who do their job the best way they can, and by those who show respect and kindness to others.     

I’m glad I found these kind of people here, at Programming Pool.


Any advice for young professionals looking to work at Programming Pool?

I would like to tell them to be confident, open and not to be afraid of new challenges . They will be guided and helped during the induction process and even more. They will find a place with hard – working and beautiful people.


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