Today is about Flaviu

Today is about Flaviu

Introduce yourself, tell us about your background!

After studying IT in university, and trying different types of jobs, with the help of an old friend I’ve managed to enter the wonderful QA world where I spent almost 5 years, practicing manual and automation testing on different platforms.

During this time I’ve noticed that I like to work with people and to take care of organizing things, so I wanted to prove myself that I can do the job of a manager, so thanks to the trust that was offered to me, I joined PPR as a QA Manager, where I could start working on this purpose. 

There was a long road with bad and good experiences, but let’s not forget that this means evolution. During this road I’ve met and worked with a lot of awesome people who helped me evolve even more and learn new things everyday, so thanks for this 😉 

After 2 years a new challenge was offered to me, to switch from QA Manager to Project Manager, a challenge that still continues today.

What do you like most about your role as a Project Manager?

That is a role that implies many challenges in order to reach the goal, to make everyone happy 😀

What’s the biggest challenge for someone in your role?

To make everyone happy 😀

This goal is like walking on a minefield, you need to be careful at every step you take in order to be able to reach the safepoint.

If you were to have any superhero powers, what would they be?

To make everyone happy :D, I bet that you didn’t expect this answer here as well. 😀 

Why would I like this power? 

Because it’s almost impossible to reach this goal, from my experience, I learned that you cannot make both the client and the team happy no matter how hard you try. 

Of course you can reach a compromise but in this case it means that both parts need to give up on something. In the end, let’s not forget that this needs to be a teamwork.

If someone found this success recipe, please be kind and share it.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join Programming Pool?

Never miss any challenge, there is no good or bad decision, there is only opportunity to gain more experience.

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