Today is about Corina

Today is about Corina

Can you tell us a few words about yourself?


I was a student in my third-year of college, when a teacher told us that PPR organized an internship for students. 

At the internship opening, I was pleasantly surprised by the office, and the professionalism of the people that I’ve met there. So I decided to do my best and after three months of mentoring, they offered me a job within the team. I was really happy about that.

What was the moment when you were most proud of yourself since working with us?

Since I was at the beginning, I made a lot of mistakes. I am very thankful to the team for all the help and patience that I received from them.

As I’ve progressed, I have had multiple moments when I was so happy by practicing my work.

Whenever I help a client and see the meaning of my work, the times when I collaborate with the team and solve a mystery, when I see our work well-done, whenever I observe the progress and beautiful results are the moments that I cherish.

What, according to you, are the core competencies of a Business Analyst?

Analytical thinking, attention to the details, being organized, communication and negotiation and being empathic to the client’s needs.

What are some key lessons you’ve learned so far?

Some key lessons would be:

  • Don’t be afraid to fail or to say “I don’t know, let me check and get back to you”
  • Take notes in the meetings, you’ll forget what was discussed later on
  • Think from all possible perspectives
  • Don’t lose the overview while looking in the details

And many many more.

What would you advise somebody who wants to be a Business Analyst?

“Rome was not done in a single day.”

The process can be overwhelming sometimes. Take it step by step. Be organized and go for it! 🙂

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