The team is the beginning, achieving goals is the success

The team is the beginning, achieving goals is the success

Over time, no matter what function I have and the positions I have occupied, I have been part of several teams. And in each of them, it was different, because each member understood differently what a team means and how it should work. To a large extent, I realized what an effective team can do: achieve its goals.

The basic ingredient, however, is the constant focus on objectives, coupled with the mobilization of team members who know how to work together and take on their responsibilities. I think sometimes the relationships between team members go together with the consumption of the activities they are involved in at work, sometimes there is a need to create opportunities for that team spirit to start to form and/or develop.

The teambuilding – another step to consolidate a team

Such an opportunity was also the teambuilding that was recently organized in Vișeu, Maramureş Country. Not all of our colleagues participated, but also through the specifics of our activities, we have been able to realize the need to further develop those elements that determine the performance of our team: group identity, social support and sense of cohesion. This teambuilding is another step…

From my point of view, it was a successful teambuilding, regarding the location, accommodation, food, drinks, everything was 10 out of 10 if we look at it that way. I enjoyed getting to know the people in the company (the ones that were present), the involvement and openness they showed. The organized conversations were a great addition to me, I had the chance to discover the problems they are facing. All in all, it was a pleasure to meet you. 🙂

Romulus Susanu
Romulus Susanu, Technical lead

I really enjoyed the area(I guess it’s because it was the first time I went to the Viseu area, I admit) – maybe it would’ve been more interesting to see the Waterfall – if the weather conditions allowed and, maybe next time I’ll be able to stay longer. It was great that the new colleagues from Cluj have been officially introduced. I hope we will be going again soon with the whole team.

Adrian Buda
Adrian Buda, Developper

I liked it very much because I managed to get to know people more closely, to see what challenges they have on a day to day basis, to see that they are united (up to a certain level) and that they can develop what they already have if there are will and patience. It was really cool, I liked it a lot, next time we have to introduce some more activities, to be more entertaining.

Florin Roman
Florin Roman, CIO

I personally liked it. Spending time with my colleagues outside of the workplace has helped me get to know my colleagues better and interact more with the ones I did not have the opportunity to do so previously. I’m sorry we couldn’t go to the Waterfall this time, it was a good plan. I know the fact that when some of us excluded ourselves from the Barsana tour was not necessarily the best attitude, but I strongly believe that, on the other hand, it strengthened the links within the “rebel group” 🙂 The meeting with the two new colleagues from Cluj was very long but definitely beneficial.

Levente Geiger
Levente Geiger, Support Team Leader

This team building was much better organized than last year, and I got to know my colleagues better.

Patricia Achim
Patricia Achim, QA

It was great considering that it was the first teambuilding for me, I had fun and I think I got a little closer to my colleagues. I liked it and I would go again anytime. Excellent choice for the hotel.

Denis Cirțiu
Denis Cirțiu, Developer

I liked it very much! This was the first teambuilding for me within the company and I cannot compare it with anything else. I am grateful I got to know my colleagues better and I had a lot of fun. Maybe I would have preferred more activities together as a whole, but I enjoyed the ones in smaller groups, too.

Ramona Pascu
Ramona Pascu, Developper

It was super and the location and all ….I think that the meeting was a bit long knowing that Florin and Romi will have for sure more suggestive and useful meetings one to one with each dev. It would’ve been great if the weather conditions were better but, that is something one cannot control.

Adrian Costin
Adrian Costin, Developper

The teambuilding was good. Positive points: location, accommodation/room, food, sightseeing, visit Barsana Monastery, watching football matches. Less positive points: lack of sports and party in the evening, lack of a plan of activities, activities with low attendance and in small groups, lack of colleagues taking part in the teambuilding.

Călin Pop
Călin Pop, Developper

Teambuilding: 2 exciting days in which we had the opportunity to meet some new colleagues. We spent together two lovely days, in nice company and it was a good opportunity to spend more time with our older colleagues with whom we do not socialize much during the working day at the office. The accommodation and service conditions were very good and I appreciated everything regarding the Mirage Resort. The rooms were ok, maybe the bed was a little uncomfortable (cushions and blanket for sure). The idea to come to Mara for lunch was great.

Alex Blidar
Alex Blidar, Developper

It was a nice experience. The location was fantastic with the mountains surrounding us. Even if the activities were only a few, I felt relaxed. Learned a lot about me and I’ve felt I got to know better my collegues in this Team Building. Eager to find out where the path leads with all the new approaches.

Diana Rus
Diana Rus, QA
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