“The Paperless” project – learn, delearn, relearn.

“The Paperless” project – learn, delearn, relearn.

“The Paperless” project proposed by Programming Pool its aim is to raise awareness amongst the company’s employees about the need to reduce the consumption of paper and, overall to protect the environment. “The Paperless” project proposed by Programming Pool will take place between  8th June 2018 – 8th September 2018 and its aim is to raise awareness amongst the company’s employees about the need to reduce the consumption of paper and, overall to protect the environment. We aim to promote the civic spirit and team training, volunteering and solidarity at the company’s initiatives.

Less paper, more trees, breathe more fresh air – for a longer and a healthier life.

Out of the exaggerated desire for evolution, we began to sacrifice excessively, unscrupulously, many things around us, causing major imbalances, some with disastrous effect even for the near future. If we take into account the fact that a tree needs decades to grow, it is dramatic that people cut it in less than 5 minutes, ending up under the shape of paper print or our notebooks. One thing is cetain: the forest does not grow in vain. It has a very important role in our lives. The tree is the main source of oxygen, and without oxygen we cannot breathe, which would represent the end of life on earth.

The fact that the addiction for paper has a negative impact on any business it’s well known, primarily because it hinders internal processes and, secondly, because it simply cannot provide real-time information. In other words, operational efficiency is reduced, work productivity descreases and the risk of errors increases (dissappearance of documents).

Being aware of this fact, Programming Pool decided to take action by developing an alternative system called “Paperless”.  We are encouraging the use of technology to radically improve the performance of our work and our company.

Each piece of paper and each print matters.

We are aware that switching to a paperless office is not easy, but every journey begins with a first step. We aim to reduce paper consumption through electronic document management and process automation. Even if the law requires some documents to be kept on paper, managing them electronically will help us reduce paper consumption significantly. Also, the paper management of the remaining documents can be done with ease.

Up until we reach the next level, we will analyze the classic archiving solutions, especially from the perspective of customized services provided by companies specialized in this direction. We also want to collect selective waste, facilitating recycling. We will provide separate collection containers on various types of recyclable waste (paper/cardboard, plastic/metal and glass). We will conculde contracts with collectors authorized to hand over recyclable waste: paper/cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, electrical and electronic equipment waste, batteries and light bulbs.

And, to resume with an optimistic note, here are some tips fot this project that aims to turn us into a “force of change”.

It is time that we are aware of our strength to do wonderful things including helping the environment and, at the same time taking care of our health.

The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that’s the day you start to the top

O. J. Simpson

If A is the success in life, than A equals X plus Y plus Z. Work is X, Y is play ans, Z is keeping your mouth shut.

Albert Einstein.
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