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The Art of Cooking with Thermomix

mmBy Anamaria Miholca 1 year agoNo Comments
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Programming Pool care about the wellness of employees and, for that reason, we invited the Thermomix advisors for our county, here, at the office, for a cooking demonstration. We enjoyed  a refreshing lemonade ready in 2 seconds, a delicious starter and main course which took only 30 minutes, butter and a side sauce followed by a mouth-watering berry and banana ice-cream.

Working in this industry (IT), organizing our time is crucial therefore, investing in a timesaving cooking machine like Thermomix is the best possible outcome for a busy person who can use their spare time for other relaxing activities.

As a mother who wants the best quality food for her family, I am aware of the importance of clean and healthy food, and Thermomix helps me a lot. We eat a lot healthier and less processed food, and the best result for me is that I have fewer washing dishes – a real saving of time and energy.

Mihaela Pașca
Mihaela Pașca, HR & IT Recruiter

Lemonade I really liked it, it was exactly my taste. It’s great to have a fresh, organic lemonade made in just two seconds.

Ioana Șerban
Ioana Șerban, Developer

The food was absolutely delicious, the only minus would be the price. For me at this moment, Thermomix is too expensive.

Anca Hotea
Anca Hotea, Developer
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