Teambuilding PPR 2019 – Mediaș

Teambuilding PPR 2019 – Mediaș
As a team, Programming Pool works together to achieve its goals and bring the best products on the market. But we also like to have fun and strengthen our bonds so that we can work better and build towards a better future – for ourselves, personally and for Programming Pool.

To better understand each other, discover new things about one another and also have a great time, we traveled from our HQ in Baia Mare to Mediaș, a picturesque city where the old and the new cohabit in beautiful ways.

Organizing a teambuilding for your team is an exciting experience. It was a win for me and for the organizing team that we analyzed each member of the organization and tried to meet their expectations. I want to thank the Programming Pool team for involvement and thank my colleagues for the effort!

Mircea Lazar
Mircea Lazar, Project Manager

The Team Building was better than I thought it will be, even if the road to get there was long and tiring. The activities brought out the best and worse in us 🙂

Adrian, Developer

At first, I thought that the location was not a really good idea, but after we got there, my opinion changed. The organization of the event was exceptional and the tasks were balanced and fit perfectly. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience and a real adventure to the 1st place among the 4 teams in the contest

Denis, Developer

Despite not all of our colleagues being present, we managed to develop a good sense of cohesion and group identity. Through all of the different tasks that we received, we managed, as teams, to achieve our goals.

We had the opportunity to be kids for a day and challenge ourselves and be better as a team through competition.

Andrei, Project Manager

This year’s experience was great, with many unexpected and enthusiastic activities throughout the program. Congratulations to the organizers and leadership for this teambuilding. Keep up the good work!

Tiberiu, Developer

It was a wonderful experience that helped to exchange information between team members from various projects and acquire new skills to help us streamline within the company. It should be done more often.

Cosmin, Team Lead

We split into teams and competed to see which team will come out on top. By doing this, we strengthen the bonds between people that don’t have the chance to interact that often in the office environment. The tasks were in such a way that we had to exercise our bodies as well as our minds, and we had to work together to solve every puzzle and lead our team to victory.

From my point of view, it was a successful teambuilding. I really liked the location and the landscapes of Medias. Although the road was a bit long, it was worth it. The team work was my favorite part and although my team was in the last place, I enjoyed the whole experience. I enjoyed talking to people I never talked with before in the company and I think I now know my colleagues better. I want to thank Flaviu and Mircea for organizing this. They went above and beyond and organized the Team Building to the smallest detail so that we could have beautiful experiences and memories.

Ramona, Developer

I consider this experience to be a good one, through which I got to know my colleagues much better. I discovered new abilities and skills that I didn’t know they had, especially in sports activities. I am glad that together with my team, we had unexpected results in many of the tests that compiled the domestic contest, and we got first place. The location was gorgeous. It was a new place for me, never being in that are before. The weather was great and the bus ride was full of fun.

Romeo, Developer

We had a great time together and came back stronger, imbued with positive energy and ready to tackle new challenges, as a team!

FUNtastic – the perfect combination of fun, team-building activities and relax time. The team building activities were great and gave us the opportunity to work together and get to know more the colleagues that we don’t interact with so often.

Loredana, Team Lead BA

The Programming Pool 2019 Team Building was a successful one. We experienced new things and I got to know my colleagues better, both as individuals and as a way of acting, even if the teams did not coincide with the ones from the office. I came back with pleasant memories and full of positive energy.

Calin, Senior Developer

It was a great experience. From my point of view, it was the most beautiful teambuilding that we ever organized. I hope all the other future teambuildings will be at least as good as this one because I don’t think that we can do something better.

Gabor, Developer
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