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We offers professional software development, systems integration and managed services. The areas on which we have extensive experience and knowledge are the financial industry, the automotive industry, e-commerce, healthcare and the hospitality industry, varying from 3 years to 8 years. However we worked also on other areas as the people we have are very versatile and eager to learn and adapt to new domains.

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Programming Pool is magical

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I will start with a bold affirmation which I will fortify with the help of this article. Of course this is easy to say, but let me prove that this attribute is embedded in Programming Pool’s ADN. The best example to prove this is my story. When I first started my career, Programming Pool was the only company who gave me a chance to shine, they hired me after two interviews and they trusted me from the beginning to work on their infrastructure. From day one I could make an impact. I was forced to take what I knew and improve it even further to be able to match the clients needs and offer them high available solutions. This is how I improved my skills on a daily basis and evolved in my career.

Last year we organised an internship for the fresh graduates. This was not a usual internship where students came in to do boring tasks, we wanted to make it interesting and fun, so the internship was based on a code challenge. The students needed to build a new product in a month. Of course we were there to advise and guide them along the way whenever they needed. At this event we discovered one of our best employees. So why is this place magical? Because it takes new undiscovered talents and forces them to evolve, to develop their skill set even further.

Being an outsourcing company, our resources need to be scalable and adaptable. When demand is high we often pull people from one project to another even if this involves switching for example from PHP to C#. Now why it this good for an employee? Because it helps them evolve, they learn a new approach, they rethink their strategy of dealing with coding issues. Of course this isn’t easy, but the benefits in knowledge are totally worth the effort. Because we are all compassionate people and we are aware that not all of us are so lucky as we are, we do not forget those in need. From time to time we pick a cause for which we donate money.

Like all new modern IT Companies we have our team building events, but we also take employee perks even further. We have a great attention to employees birthdays this is why we celebrate together by eating out each time. Every week we stay after work to have some drinks, debate the issues that we had during the week and play board games.

This is not all, in the near future we plan to host a hackathon at Programming Pool. Not convinced yet? Our door is always open, come and check this out for yourself.

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