OptiHospitality is a set of applications designed for hotels and hotels’ chains targeting the on-line management of this sector’s activities. Having a special structure designed for this business, OptiHospitality comes with powerful on-line solutions perfectly adapted to the activities regarding the following items:

  • management of the hotels, prices and offers (through the central reservations system);
  • create, use and maintenance of a clients’ database (through the “Customer Relationship Management” tool);
  • easier client’s access to the offered services (through the on-line booking system);
  • a powerful tool for hotels’ managers used to gain and manage the clients’ feedback in order to know their particular opinions regarding the hotel’s services and their satisfaction after a stay in the hotel(s).

All these facilities are offered using an on-line environment. They are easy to use and could be personalized to fit the needs of such a dynamic market as the hospitality market is in this period.

  • OptiRez
  • OptiBook
  • OptiCRM
  • OptiSurvey
  • OptiPlan
  • OptiCMS
  • OptiCore
OptiRez is a tool for hotels and bookings’ management along with channels distribution over the internet for prices and availability.
  • On-line system used to centralize the bookings
  • Real-time communication with the hotels’ PMS (Property Management System) and the booking portals (for example: booking.com, expedia.com, etc) by sending prices and availability and receiving bookings
  • Allow the control and the distribution of the prices and availability individually on each channel;
  • Offers a total control over the hotel’s management, rooms, rates and selling strategy (individuals bookings and companies’ bookings);
  • Allows the using of different pricing levels (and their automatic or manual update), seasons, dependant rooms (by using this facility you may enter the prices for a single room and then the rest of the rooms will receive their prices automatically based on the relationship (the pricing formulas) with the master room);
  • The application has the following facilities: a complete reporting system (different financial and selling reports), a reservations’ management system, a system used to send different marketing messages over the distribution channels;
  • Real-time communication with the hotels’ PMS (Property Management System) and the booking portals (for example: booking.com, expedia.com, etc) by sending prices and availability and receiving bookings;
  • Secure users’ access system based on individual access rights;
  • Log system used to follow the activities performed inside the application (users’ actions logs).
OptiBook is a booking application (website) for the clients (a perfect customizable interface for making bookings) who’s interface is included (or is a separate website) in the hotel’s website.
  • An intuitive on-line booking system, easy to use and customizable (colors, language or logos);
  • It’s easy to integrate it with the hotel’s existing website and it is accessible on-line within the hotel’s website;
  • It offers the possibility of storing the clients in the database for a further recognize in case of a further booking (based on their user-names and passwords);
  • Displays the offer based on an initial selection allowing further personalization by adding new packages or extra options from the hotel’s offer;
  • Sends the booking confirmation on the client’s email address;
  • The offer may be printed or saved using the PDF format for a further review.
OptiCRM is a complete customer relationship management tool which create, update, maintain and processes a clients’ database offering multiple financial and clients’ reports.
  • It’s a client relationship management application;
  • Offers the possibility of grouping the clients based on their type (individuals, companies, travel agencies) for a quick further recognition;
  • It uses a complex system of searching and identifications for each type of entities (individuals, companies and travel agencies);
  • Multiple possibilities of clients’ database update: from the hotels’ PMS (Property Management System), manual insertion into the database, file import or within the OptiSurvey application (after the clients fill-in the hotels’ surveys);
  • Identifies the duplicates and allow their fusion into a single entity (for example the application identifies a client who stays in more than one hotel within a chain and offers the possibility of deleting the duplicates and saving a single record in the database for the client);
  • Generates and maintains different reports over the hotel’s clients;
  • Offers the possibility of an ongoing loyalty program for loyal customers.
OptiSurvey is a powerful tool used to receive customers’ feedback after using the hotel’s services.
  • Offers the manager a clear overview on how the clients’ receive the offered services;
  • It has an efficient management of the customers’ personal opinions so the manager is by this way helped to take optimal further decisions for the business’s future;
  • The offered details may help the hotel’s staff to offer further personalized offers to the loyal clients;
  • The feedback is obtained based on the surveys which are created, maintained and personalized inside the application;
  • The survey is sent on the client’s e-mail address at the check-out and the hotel receives the feedback on the e-mail address;
  • The surveys use different responses’ types (both the questions having open-answers (which offer to the client the possibility of writing the answer using its own words) and the questions having answers for selection);
  • The application offers a performant reporting tool for the manager so it could be revealed the clear clients’ needs or requests in order to have a better image over the clients’ expectations. This would be helpful for upgrading the offered services.
OptiPlan is a complex budgeting tool for hotels and hotels’ chains.
  • This application allows the hotel’s management team to monitor, create and manage the hotel’s budget;
  • Central planning guidelines and standardization of analysis;
  • Hotels’ budgets and forecasts monitoring through OptiPlan facilities;
  • Automated interface to leading PMS’s for quick budget analysis;
  • Automated interface to leading accounting programs;
  • Occupancy, revenue, cost, sales and personnel planning tools;
  • Business planning for 5 years based on the current budget;
  • Time and cost saving through decentralized online data collection;
  • Central management of user rights;
  • Powerful report builder and secure reports.
OptiCMS is a user-friendly tool used to maintain and update the content of a hotel’s website.
  • This application allows the hotel’s management team to modify and update the content of the hotel’s website (text, pictures, etc);
  • Easy to use without requiring IT knowledge;
  • The website content management is in the hotel’s team hands and, thus, a lot of time and cost for updates are saved;
  • The website uses clients’ communication management (contact forms, newsletters);
  • Within the site, newsletters could be sent;
  • Users management (users may create their own accounts on the website).
OptiCore is a corporate reporting tool for hotel groups that aggregates all daily operational metrics to enable the performance reporting and to identify discrepancies in the budget’s forecasts.
  • This application concentrates a set of daily operations metrics providing the users with a set of various reports;
  • Various key-figures used inside (occupancy, revenues, rooms, etc);
  • Different reporting levels for key-figures facts: hotel, day, weeks, months;
  • Different business segments analysis;
  • The application has a complete reporting system for various needs.

All these applications are inter-connected and they form an entity perfectly covering the needs of a hotel’s management from the rooms’ facilities to the customer’s feedback ( which may be used by the hotel’s manager to improve the offers and to adapt the offered services to the market’s necessities).

The OptiHospitality suite has been created to cover all the aspects in the hospitality business in such way that each part of this entire business may have a designated application to help the people involved in. The suite is easy to use and our company offers the possibility of specialized training sessions with the employees, technical support and user guides for a maximum efficiency in using the applications.


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