Our Performance Evaluation System

Our Performance Evaluation System

A performance evaluation supports the alignment of organizational and employee goals.

Our primary goal is to know if our team mate is on the right career path or not. It’s important to put the right person in the right role, to allow them to grow. In the right role the intrinsic motivation occurs and motivates staff to do their best. We try to provide avenues to reach individual career goals while fulfilling the company’s mission.

In order to have an objective evaluation process we use a situational-behavioral evaluation, which means that the emphasis is placed on the behaviors manifested in different situations.

We measure both technical and soft skills. Soft skills are an essential part of improving team members’ ability to work with each other.

Our performance evaluation system has several steps which contain both self-evaluation and evaluation by the project manager/ team lead. The hiring manager is also involved in the discussions. We set a list of expectations for all behavior to be very clear for everyone involved.

In addition to this kind of evaluation, we use a 360-degree review, where all colleagues are included. Having ratings from multiple people provides us with much more reliable information than just the opinion of a single person who can be biased. Combined with responsibility and honesty, they serve as a powerful impetus for change.

But to make the change take place, each of our team mates needs to be open to the feedback they receive. We consider that every step is extremely important, and all the results must be argued as clearly as possible and discussed, of course.

In order to perform continuous performance management, as a last step everyone set some objectives. They must be as clear as possible, anchored in a specific timeframe. They will be the starting point of the next evaluation and will create a cycle.

Good performance management needs constant communication, if someone encounters problems until the next evaluation we always encourage them to communicate. These processes help us a lot, because we always know what kind of problems our colleagues face. We know that no road is without obstacles, but this way they are much easier to cross.

With the help of the information obtained through evaluations, it is much clearer to us what kind of internal training we need, what kind of people we are looking for in each team. It is a very good guide for us to know what characteristics we need to look for in a person so that they can easily integrate into the team.

Another advantage would be that it helps both individual performance and team performance. When the whole team works for the same goal, this is seen in the results.That’s why, we consider the behaviors, in certain situations, have an impact at the team level as well.

We want to show our respect for the whole team. How could we do this better than listening to them?

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