Pre-paid cards management

Pre-paid cards management

What are pre-paid cards?

Pre-paid cards are an elegant way of providing extra salary benefits to employees by saving a considerable amount of money at the same time.

Pre-paid Cards vs. Credit Cards & Debit Cards

A pre-paid card is not linked to a bank account like a debit card is. While using a pre-paid card, you are spending money placed in the account in advance. 

Using a pre-paid card doesn’t let you overspend. 

While pre-paid cards and debit cards are similar, this can not be said about pre-paid cards and credit cards.

While using your pre-paid card, you are using money that is already in your account (let’s say you have a pre-paid card, and your employer uses it to give bonuses).

When using a credit card, you are borrowing money.

How can we help?

We offer middle office management. This is a system that allows companies to order cards for their employees.

Because the system is connected in real-time to accounting systems in different countries, CRMs and other apps, the company representatives can:

  • issue cards
  • activate cards
  • reload existing cards
  • generate invoices
  • monitor and control all the other financial aspects related to card issuing

Over the years, we built long-lasting relations with some of the most critical players from the European market.

We have experience in providing custom card middle office solutions for leading companies that deal with gift cards and employee incentive cards.

What can we do?

  • We create custom interfaces for your applications based on your specifications, thus, helping your business.
  • We work with your applications and manage all communication between them.
  • We help you with information processing from different systems, delivering them to channels of your choosing. By doing this, we reduce time and fluidize the entire process.

With experience in integration with Pre-paid, CRM, and Accounting Services, we have the knowledge, expertise, and contact to build card middle office solutions tailored exactly for you!

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