How to organize your own surprise party

How to organize your own surprise party

Each month, at our company, we celebrate our colleges based on their zodiac signs.

As the pandemic took place, we missed some birthdays, so we decided to celebrate on a terrace all the ones we missed: Aries, Tauruses, Geminis, and Cancers.

Well, I’m an Aries (until now I thought I was born on the very last day of the sign of Pisces), so this time, that’s what I did differently when organizing the event :

1.)   Food Everybody knew what food they were going to have because all of us had selected beforehand what we will eat, so no problems in choosing the food.

But there is no birthday without cake, so in order not to be put in a situation where I choose my own cake, I asked our colleague, Claudia, who is skilled at sweetening your day, to make our cake to her liking.

PS: Claudia is passionate about culinary arts and has a blog full of goodies. Whoever wants can access it HERE.

Good. The food was checked. Now, the harder part followed.

2.)   Gifts. Yes, I did get someone to pack this! :)) I bought 18 books as a gift, 18 birthdays being celebrated.
I asked the people from Carturesti, from where I bought the books, to also gift wrap them. Thus, the gift was a surprise for me too!

(Okay, I admit. I cheated by choosing only books I liked. But if you don’t tell anyone, they won’t find out)

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