Leading remotely – a talk with Flaviu

Leading remotely – a talk with Flaviu

What is the first thing you can do as a leader to create a good remote culture?

In my opinion, the first thing that a leader has to do to create a good remote culture is to develop a strong work ethic and to have a very good communication with the team.

A strong work ethic is an important part of being successful but without good communication everything can fall apart.

It’s been a year since we are working remotely or hybrid. Did these changes affected productivity?

The productivity results can be described in 3 phases:

Phase 1 – The beginning of WFH

In the beginning, the team’s productivity decreased because it was a new way of working, and every person needed some time to adjust.

Phase 2 – Stabilization 

After the adjusting period, work from home got better productivity results than work from the office.

Phase 3 – Long run

But now, after almost one year, there are signs that the lack of interaction between team members started to affect productivity again slightly.

Employees need to trust their team lead, supervisor, or anyone else “above” them. How can you get rid of communication barriers between you and your team?

By having 1:1 in-person meetings, if possible, to listen and encourage them to have an open and sincere discussion with the leads.

By having this discussion, it is more easier to make what is necessary to create a good work environment.

Let’s talk about meetings. Since we no longer work from the office and we are not in the same room during the 8 hours of work, were more meetings necessary?

Definitely yes. The efficiency of the face to face communication cannot be replaced so easily by the online one.

You have almost 20 employees under your “wings”, how did you manage to keep everyone involved?

Everything is easier when you belong to a team that you trust and where there is a strong work ethic in place.

As I said before, besides work ethics, communication is the key. Having so many colleagues in the team, it would take too much time to sync with everyone.

Having a good team lead for each department who is taking care of his colleagues, that means a great help for me because I can get much easier the pulse of the team from them.

Even like this, I still have monthly discussions with each team member because nothing compares to a good person-to-person talk.

What other challenges are you facing?

It is very difficult for a lead to get the true pulse of any team member from an online conversation.

Mostly when having one-on-one meetings, the people avoid giving their camera for different reasons, which makes it very hard to get some more information from the discussion.

How do you and your team celebrate wins in this context?

We try to organize different activities like hiking, having lunch together, going out, anything that reunites the team.

Any advice you have for team leaders, project managers?

Try to know your colleagues as better as possible and always try to find ways to help them improve. 

And to not forget, try to “buy” as much patience as possible. 🙂


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