C# workshop

C# workshop

The idea of the workshop is to bring the team up to date with the latest news in Microsoft technology. The workshop tackles issues a developer may encounter in his implementations. No matter the complexity of the issue, there will always be an elegant solution to it and as technology advances these solutions may change. Through this workshop, the developers have the chance to see or share a better way in solving a problem. The curriculum of the workshop is spread out from the basics of C# and .Net technologies to the most particular sections of them.

“The structure of the workshop is good, there is always something new we can learn.

Daniel Achim
Daniel Achim, Project manager

“I enjoyed the workshops and I hope there are more to come. I found them interesting and it is something else to see actual programming in real context.”

Levi Mali
Levi Mali, Developer

“The information presented is interesting and useful, helpful for those new on the project, as I am.”

Adela Mic
Adela Mic, Developer

“Very interesting and useful. Certainly the information is technically valuable.”

Rareș Nechita
Rareș Nechita, Developer
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