A team of success

A team of success

The team is the center of a company. Each member of a team is responsible for the team’s accomplishments. It’s not enough to find talented people, you have to make sure that everyone’s skills complement each other and every member is happy with his part. Each member has to be satisfied with his role.  A team is always stronger than an individual and can achieve much more than one person can.

There is a saying that “Success is not about doing one thing perfectly but success is avoiding multiple possible ways that can fail“. This can be achieved only if every team member comes with ideas and focuses on the same goal.

Working in a team can also be challenging because each member needs certain abilities in order to communicate efficiently. In fact, communication is the key to having a great team. If people discuss when there is a problem half of it is solved. In order to have efficient communication between team members, it’s important to create a different context where they can have brainstorming activities and can discuss freely. Remote work culture being so popular it’s harder to give these contexts. We have to establish, clear and concise rules, in terms of communication between team members, otherwise, team members won’t be able to work together in order to achieve the goal.

Teamwork is about collaboration, communication, trust, respect, and most important a leader with attitude, a leader that brings balance to the team. A good leader is someone who is able to identify the potential of each team member, someone who encourages, helps, and gives constant constructive feedback.

A solid “team mission” will keep team members better focused and on schedule when working together on a project. A clear purpose will help everyone strengthen their skills and will provide context for influencing the rhythm the team uses to keep itself focused and organized.

Because team members work together it also helps if success is celebrated together. Once you reward the members for their effort their motivation for the next assignment will grow. A good idea is to organize parties or offer gifts. If leaders participate in these activities and spend time with the team, team members will understand they are appreciated. It also helps to plan activities with the team, listen to them, and be their support.

Successful companies cherish every member of the team and they promote teamwork because they know it’s essential to create a place where everyone can learn, grow and help each other. It’s not in vain, TEAM  comes from Together Everyone Achieves More.

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