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We offers professional software development, systems integration and managed services. The areas on which we have extensive experience and knowledge are the financial industry, the automotive industry, e-commerce, healthcare and the hospitality industry, varying from 3 years to 8 years. However we worked also on other areas as the people we have are very versatile and eager to learn and adapt to new domains.

High performance team

Senior Specialists
Junior Specialists
Business Analysts
Developers & Testers

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    We build digital solutions that solve real-world problems, and

    make you look good in the process.
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  • Software development outsourcing

    Programming Pool Romania (PPR) provides customized software development, project management, consulting, and dedicated services to fit our clients’ needs and budgets. High quality.

  • Integrated software for the hospitality industry

    Developed by experts over a period of years, these dynamic tools undergo continuous development and enhancement to meet customer requirements and market demands.

  • Back-offices for the pre-paid card business

    For the pre-paid card business we have developed several back offices, in which we are managing the Clients’ ordering, invoicing modules and as well the Affiliates’ invoicing and reimbursement modules.

Just a few of our clients & partners

We are proud to be recognized by so many large companies for innovative products and as inspirational leaders over the past 17 years.

Our infrequent (but interesting) journal

Walking Month 2017

Walking Month 2017

September 11, 2017Events, Team,

We all know that exercising or walking can do no harm! And we know that volunteering makes us feel useful and very good about ourselves! Willing to combine the two things together, at Programming Pool, a team of 4 people was formed...

Workshop – Yoga at the office

Workshop – Yoga at the office

August 20, 2017Workshop, ,

If you’re already experiencing pain in the neck, shoulders, legs or eyes, is good to know that there are yoga techniques that can help to eliminate some of the negative effects that this type of work has on your health. Yoga exercises...