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Team Building at Sun Garden 2015

By Bogdan Trifoiu 2 years agoNo Comments
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Our team is the most important part of the company, that is why they deserve the best. Working in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere is more pleasant and productive as we described in this article, but also having good relationships with your co-workers is contributing to the overall success and well being.

To thank our team for their efforts and devotion we organized this years team building at the beautiful Sun Garden Resort near Cluj-Napoca. The event was packed with diverse activities that were meant to encourage collaboration, creativity and shared commitment. There were also optional activities like: football, tennis, archery, fishing and swimming.

After a day full of interesting and engaging activities, what else could you want more? Relax in the pool with a glass of champagne? Play board games with your coworkers? or maybe blow off some steam in a game of Starcraft II. We had the opportunity to do all of these and it was great!

After each meal, we would gather around for the team building activities. The most interesting activity for me was the one when small teams of 3-4 people were built. Each one received one paper napkin and had to demonstrate a different use for it. After all the usual and conventional uses were depleted, people started to get creative.

I had a good time and although we had a lot of activities, I managed to relax also. The fact that we had a lot of fun as a team, created nice memories that we can recall during stressful times.

Diana Rus, Tester

Being a relatively new employee, after this weekend I feel that I got to know everyone better. It was nice to see everyone working together for a common goal. I really appreciated the optional activities, fishing and tennis were my favorites.

Rareș Nechita, Developer
  PPR Team
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