PPR is a professional services company focused on software development, systems integration and managed services. Some areas that we cover are the financial industry, the automotive industry, the hospitality industry. PPR’s expertise stands out in the financial industry; we have more than 8 years of experience working with financial data from our main customer Edenred S.A.. Our team consists of talented, curious people that are always striving to learn new technologies and work more efficient.

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Back offices for the pre-paid card business100%
Hospitality industry75%
Software Development Outsourcing60%

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Software Development Outsourcing

The Affordable Solution
By David Eliot 1 year ago

Programming Pool Romania (PPR) provides customized software development, project management, consulting, and dedicated services to fit our clients’ requirements and budgets, while implementing, at all times, a high quality standard. World-class software development is here when you need it.

Custom Software Development and Maintenance Outsourcing

Programming Pool Romania (PPR) aims to focus, define, and carry out client software development projects. Continuous managerial guidance enables us to ensure that all team members have an active role in executing and supporting the overall software development plan.

The Process

Consultation -> Client’s requirements investigation -> Vision creation -> Use cases definition -> Software requirements creation -> Development -> Reporting -> Testing -> Features Implementation -> Software Review -> Final testing -> Deployment -> Software Release -> Support

PPR uses the following developmental processes for all its client projects:

  • By gaining a profound insight into client requirements, we are able to identify solid requisites and eliminate the risk of overlooking unstated needs;

  • We implement technology modelling by using Unified Modeling Language™ diagrams;

  • We draw up internal documentation to outline software requirements within the project framework;

  • We develop and create robust code according to project plan;

  • We provide the client with daily reports regarding the project’s progress, budget, and timeline;

  • We ensure quality control through software testing (including automated examinations), in keeping with industry standards;

  • We implement features and track enhancements to ensure proper software development;

  • We review each software version and check it against client-defined requirements;

  • We conduct final testing once the product has been approved by the client;

  • We then proceed to software deployment and release;

  • We continuously provide on-line and off-line support;

  • Ready to get started on your outsourced software development project? Request a quote for your project, or send us an email detailing the specifics of your project.

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