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Programming Pool was established in 2001 in Romania and is a Limited Liability Company. The PPR head office is based in Baia Mare.

The company has corporate offices in London, UK and is represented in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Italy. With a team of over 80 specialists and employees in several locations in Romania, PPR provides development, support and consulting services to clients in various industries.

Smart solutions

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    PPR – project management software
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    Back offices for the pre-paid card business
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    Tools for success
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    Software Development Outsourcing

Our Skills

Back offices for the pre-paid card business100%
Hospitality industry75%
Software Development Outsourcing60%
  • Manage anything, within minutes.

    the complex solution for project management that helps you make the most of your planning and ensure reliable project delivery! Why?
Finally, here is an all-in-one application for delivering project-based services.
  • Efficient control of on-line placed orders for production management

    • fast input for production orders;
    • different input methods;
    • full management of existing orders.
  • Optimal production management through quick and confortable operations

    • easy and intuitive production management;
    • quick and simple access to key points of the production process
    • options enabling the export of production flow charts
  • Full reporting options for the entire production process

    • easy and quick handling of reports
    • complete and easy-to-use reporting system
    • quick control over production and sales
  • Invoicing system

    • user-friendly internal invoicing system;
    • full invoice management
  • Full management and control of the application

    • different access levels defined by different users and rights;
    • complete control over the application based on key parameters;
    • integrated management of the structures used in the production process.

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You will get fully customised solutions for your particular business issues, while we will continue to ensure full flexibility.