PPR is a professional services company focused on software development, systems integration and managed services. Some areas that we cover are the financial industry, the automotive industry, the hospitality industry. PPR’s expertise stands out in the financial industry; we have more than 8 years of experience working with financial data from our main customer Edenred S.A.. Our team consists of talented, curious people that are always striving to learn new technologies and work more efficient.

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Back offices for the pre-paid card business100%
Hospitality industry75%
Software Development Outsourcing60%

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    Back offices for the pre-paid card business
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    Software Development Outsourcing
  • Great SQL Training


It’s important to constantly invest in people, not only for the company or clients, but especially for them, because keeping the people active and engaged assures that they are also motivated to give their best. When you think about an SQL Training, I am sure you think of long hours starring at queries projected on a white and shiny surface and at the end of the day you return home to your family thinking: “What a waste of time!”. The difference between a boring course and a great one, in my opinion, is the trainer. Of course the material is important, also the ambiance, but the trainer is the puppet master, he engages the people by asking questions, waiting for them to answer, sharing his opinion on topics close to the course, knowing when to take a break.

Alex Mang, our trainer for the SQL Course, in my opinion, did all of that and a lot more. He is a passionate guy that loves the Microsoft technologies. One of his great assets is that he speaks from experience not from things he read in the books, he knows which material is more important in practice and knows where to insist.

The course was structured in two fun days, approximatively one month apart. The first day was a recall of core SQL concepts that many of us tend to forget and the second day was focused more on the performance optimisation of T-SQL. The material was split in theoretical and practical parts, so each chapter contained slides that were discussed and the matching practical exercises to understand better the theoretical part. For me this is a great approach which engages the participant to use their short memory in order to understand the key concepts better and to transfer them into the long memory.

The most valuable part for me was to have the opportunity to talk to such a prolific guy as Alex, be it answering questions or just talking about business or Microsoft technologies in general.

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