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Back offices for the pre-paid card business100%
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Walking Month 2017

12 September 2017
We all know that exercising or walking can do no harm! And we know that volunteering makes us feel useful and very good about ourselves! Willing to combine the two things together, at PPR, a team of 4 people was formed and, without second thoughts, our colleagues enroled for Walking

The Art of Cooking with Thermomix

30 June 2017
PPR care about the wellness of employees and, for that reason, we invited the Thermomix advisors for our county, here, at the office, for a cooking demonstration. We enjoyed  a refreshing lemonade ready in 2 seconds, a delicious starter and main course which took only 30 minutes, butter and a side

Codecamp – Baia Mare 2017

23 April 2017
Founded in 2008, based on the idea of strengthening the relationships and communication between the communities of IT professionals, Codecamp team periodically organizes conferences, workshops, hackathons and open days where thousands of people starting from the IT passionates to the experts in the

Microsoft technologies training at PPR

6 September 2016
Programming Pool (PPR) has always been dedicated to form devoted and growing employees. This is why at the beginning of March we decided to organize a technical training for our developers. We opted for a Microsoft technologies training provided by

Workshop – Yoga at the office

2 September 2016
Office work at the computer for at least 8 hours a day, can affect your health. Yoga exercises which I recommend, target tense areas, but also help to calm the mind. Even a short session of practical yoga techniques is very

How to hire the right people when it comes to students

22 August 2016
Last year we were looking to hire a few young developers. Instead of going through the usual hiring process we decided to try something new. We contacted a representative of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in Baia Mare and told him that PPR would like to organize a contest for the students

Programming Pool – It’s all about people

24 August 2015
People make the world go round. It doesn’t really matter what you build or sell, the truth stays the same: people are the ones who make things move forward in this ever-changing world and that is especially true in the world of

C# workshop

17 July 2015
The idea of the workshop is to bring the team up to date with the latest news in Microsoft technology. The workshop tackles issues a developer may encounter in his implementations.

PPR is magical…

6 May 2015
I will start with a bold affirmation which I will fortify with the help of this article. Of course this is easy to say, but let me prove that this attribute is embedded in PPR’s ADN. The best example to prove this is my

What we learned from the hackathon

5 May 2015
First of all I want to thank everyone that participated to the hackathon for their patience, passion and determination. I am glad that everyone had fun building the ideas they are passionate about.

A look inside the new office

4 October 2014
Unconventional practicality is probably the best term for an overall description of this new office, as it extends to everything, from the heating system to the layout of the actual offices – as far a cry from the stifling “cubicles” of corporate offices as you can imagine.