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Back offices for the pre-paid card business100%
Hospitality industry software75%
Project management software95%
Software Development Outsourcing80%

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Web, Mobile and Software Development

  • Software development outsourcing

    Programming Pool Romania (PPR) provides customized software development, project management, consulting, and dedicated services to fit our clients’ needs and budgets. High quality.

  • Integrated software applications for the hospitality industry

    Developed by experts over a period of years, these dynamic tools undergo continuous development and enhancement to meet customer requirements and market demands.

  • Back-offices for the pre-paid card business

    For the pre-paid card business we have developed several back offices, in which we are managing the Clients’ ordering, invoicing modules and as well the Affiliates’ invoicing and reimbursement modules.


Qur technology and service partners include the industry’s leading software companies, leading hospitality players, and government agencies. together, we make it simple to put the power of social commerce to work for your business.

Our infrequent (but interesting) journal

Programming Pool (PPR) is magical

12 March 2018
When I first started my career, Programming Pool (PPR) was the only company who gave me a chance to shine, they hired me after two interviews and they trusted me from the beginning to work on their

How to hire the right people when it comes to students

23 July 2017
The success of a business depends on the quality of its employees. Good workers are the ones that move things forward and help you evolve, while bad employees can drag a business down. It's no secret that finding and hiring the right people is a very big challenge especially when it comes to

Codecamp – Baia Mare 2017

22 April 2017
Founded in 2008, based on the idea of strengthening the relationships and communication between the communities of IT professionals, Codecamp team periodically organizes conferences, workshops, hackathons and open

Programming Pool – It’s all about people

23 July 2016
People make the world go round. It doesn’t really matter what you build or sell, the truth stays the same: people are the ones who make things move forward in this ever-changing world and that is especially true in the world of

Microsoft technologies training at PPR

23 July 2016
Programming Pool (PPR) has always been dedicated to form devoted and growing employees. Over the years we have learned that having a happy and skilled staff is a win-win both for business growth and for personal